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World Music Listening

March - none

We focused on preparing for our performances!

February - Japan


Instrument: Taiko

Taiko drumming is not only a type of drum but a style of playing. Taiko drumming is loud, hard, and fast, and uses choreographed movements in its performance. Many of the movements are similar to those of martial arts. There are many different sizes of taiko drums, from small drums the size of a dinner plate to big drums as large as a car!

January - Australia


Instrument: Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is a traditional Australian instrument that is played in the Outback, or the Bush, which is the wild center of Australia. The didgeridoo is played by blowing a "raspberry" into the end of the didge and letting the sound echo and vibrate through the tube. Different sounds can be made in the throat and the mouth to reproduce animal sounds, like that of the kookaburra or jumping kangaroo!

December - India


Instrument: Tabla

The tabla is actually two drums played together. The drums are made from metal or wood and have a metal paste made from rice and iron in the center of the drum head. The player uses both their hands and fingers to create complex rhythms while playing the tabla drums. 

November - China


Instrument: Erhu

The erhu is considered the Chinese Violin. It is a string instrument with two strings. The bow is kept between the two strings and the player rests the erhu on his or her lap while playing.

October - Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago
Steel Pan

Instrument: Steel Pan

Trinidad and Tobago are islands in the Carribbean. They made their drums from oil barrels!


September - Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)



Instrument: Agogo

Every year in Rio they hold a big festival called "Carnaval" where everyone parties for an entire week! There are parades and floats and competitions and food. Videos from below show how to play the agogo and clips from the "bateria" portion of Carnaval.

August - West Africa

West Africa

Instrument: Djembe

In West Africa, drumming, dancing, and singing are all part of the same art form. You can't have one without the other!