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Visit this website to make cool music and learn more about beat, rhythm, pitch, and more!


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Music Play Online is a fun website where you can explore music games (like Poison Melody)!! The student login is:


username: student

password: music18

2016-17 Performance Videos

Music Teacher
Dalyn Shutts Staff

mrs shutts pic.jpg
Mrs. Dalyn Shutts is the music teacher at Valle Vista and Coyote Canyon Elementary Schools. She got her Bachelor of Music degree from the Bob Cole Conservatory at California State University, Long Beach and her teaching credential from California State University, Fullerton. After school and during summers she directs a children's choir for underprivileged youth in Santa Ana and she started a professional Chamber Choir with her friends called Profectus Chamber Choir. She lives with her son and daughter in La Verne, CA.